Senna alexandrina Powder Extract 60g.

Senna alexandrina Description

Senna alexandrina Powder Extract: Senna alexandrina, also known as Senna, is a herb known for its laxative properties. Senna is also known as locust plant, cassia marilandica, and wild senna. It causes intestinal contractions by interacting with the bacteria in the digestive tract. Senna can be found in a variety of tropical countries. For thousands of years, the plant has been used as a laxative in India. It is available in capsule and tablet form, tea bags and loose tea, and liquid extracts. The dried root, undiluted, can be found in health food stores. Senna is commonly used by people who are constipated. This fantastic herb is extremely beneficial to the entire body. Radiation, environmental pollutants, and harsh chemicals all have a negative impact on our skin health, resulting in a variety of skin ailments. Natural herbs are an effective and low-cost way to achieve glowing skin and prevent skin problems.

Herb Benefits

  • Immunity Booster
  • Weight Loss
  • Good for Hemorrhoids
  • Treatment of Skin Conditions
  • Beneficial for Skin Infections
  • Great Colon Cleanser
  • Strong Hair
  • Combats Hair Loss

Packaging Details:

  • 60 ml in plastic bottle or for more quantity the packaging is upon customer’s requested


Shipping Details:


Delivery MethodExpress Delivery Service (DHL)By Air
Shipping QuantityUnder 100kgOver 100kg
Delivery Time3-7 days5-10 days
CharacteristicDoor to DoorAirport to Airport



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Weight0.164 kg
Dimensions10 × 17 × 6.5 cm


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