Engelhardtia Spicata Capsules

Engelhardtia Spicata Description

Engelhardtia Spicata Powder Extract : Engelhardtia spicata Lechen ex Blume is a traditional medicinal plant which got several phytochemical constituents. Engelhardtia spicata Lechen ex Blume commonly known as Great Malay bean (English) and Linphop (Manipuri) belonging to the family Juglandaceae

Engelhardia spicata Blume is known for treating uterine prolapse in women. Thai traditional medicine, especially in the Northeastern region, often use Engelhardia spicata Blume to solve the problem of uterine prolapse. It was also found to help with hemorrhoids and hernia problems. Often boiled for women after giving birth to a bath, it is claimed to help the uterus contract quickly and also apply the wound as an astringent. From the research, it was found that the pharmacological data of the Engelhardia spicata Blume shows a slight anti-tumor effect as well.

Botanical Name: Engelhardtia Spicata Bl. Capsules
Common Name: Linphop, Kha Hot, Great Malay bean
Country of Origin: Thailand
Plant Part: –
Package: 60 Capsules (For more quantity, please contact customer service)
Product Grade: Food Grade
Shipping Method: Express Delivery (DHL)
Usage: Applied to Food-Supplementing Product
Shelf Life: 4 Years
Herb Benefits

Herb Benefits

  • Promotes Women’s Health
  • May Treat Irregular Menstruation
  • May Alleviate Uterine Prolapse
  • May Improve Blood Circulation


Packaging Details:

  • 60 Capsules in plastic bottle or for more quantity the packaging is upon customer’s requested


Shipping Details:


Delivery MethodExpress Delivery Service (DHL)By Air
Shipping QuantityUnder 100kgOver 100kg
Delivery Time3-7 days5-10 days
CharacteristicDoor to DoorAirport to Airport



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Weight0.164 kg
Dimensions10 × 17 × 6.5 cm


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