Acorus calamus Powder Extract

Acorus calamus Description

Acorus calamus Powder Extract: Acorus calamus (Sweet Flag) is a perennian wetland monocotonous plant of Acoraceae family that has traditionally used scent-treated leaves and rhizomes in different medicinal conditions such as fever, asthma, bronchitis, cough and especially digestive problems, such as gas, bloating, colic, and poor digestive function. Preclinical investigations indicated that the treatment of neuropathic pain could be possible with Acorus calamus supplementation. The herb is mostly used for digestive disorders in western herbal therapy such as gas, bloating, colic and poor digestive function. Calamus also helps to relieve and discomfort the weak digestion in your stomachs and headaches.

Calamus is also used as a sedative and to induce sweating, as well as to treat rheumatoid arthritis and stroke. Calamus is chewed by some people to remove the odor of tobacco, as a stimulant, to increase their sense of well-being, and as a hallucinogen.

Herb Benefits

  • Stomach relief issues
  • Treat insomnia, relieves skin conditions
  • Condition of Impotence – Prevents infection
  • Improve memory quality
  • Enhances appetite
  • Improves Respiratory conditions


Packaging Details:

  • 30 ml in plastic bottle or for more quantity the packaging is upon customer’s requested


Shipping Details:

Delivery MethodExpress Delivery Service (DHL)By Air
Shipping QuantityUnder 100kgOver 100kg
Delivery Time3-7 days5-10 days
CharacteristicDoor to DoorAirport to Airport



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Weight0.164 kg
Dimensions10 × 17 × 6.5 cm


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