Acmella Oleracea Liquid Extract

Acmella Oleracea Herb Description

Acmella Oleracea is recognized in traditional medicine throughout Asia and South America for a variety of properties including anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and aphrodisiac effects. The leaves are used as food sources. The flowers of Spilanthes have earned it the name “toothache plant” for their numbing and pain-relieving effects.

It is also said to help fade out wrinkles and reduces the most obvious signs of aging by slowing down the micro-contractions of facial muscles.

Traditionally, the plant has been used for its medicinal properties. Some of these effects have been scientifically proven. It is commonly used to treat toothaches, but it is also used to treat inflammation and gastrointestinal issues.

The toothache plant is used in food in some parts of the world. It has a strong, bitter flavor that lends a distinct flavor to dishes.

Acmella Oleracea Functions

  • Pain-relieving Property
  • Anti-aging Agent
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Desensitized Agent
  • Relieves Toothache

Packaging Details:

  • 30 ml in plastic bottle or for more quantity the packaging is upon customer’s requested

Usage: Applied to Cosmetics Production (1-10%)


Shipping Details:

Delivery MethodExpress Delivery Service (DHL)By Air
Shipping QuantityUnder 100kgOver 100kg
Delivery Time3-7 days5-10 days
CharacteristicDoor to DoorAirport to Airport


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Additional information

Weight0.136 kg
Dimensions10 × 17 × 6.5 cm


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